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Why Migrate to Shopify Theme 2.0?

Shopify Theme 2.0 is not just a technology upgrade - it's a game changer. By migrating to Shopify OS 2.0, your business can:

  • Less development, more freedom to build landing pages
  • Pages and designs created by ecommerce and marketing teams, not developers
  • Build a content block, use it everywhere, consistently
  • Possibility of using Shopify Content, MetaObjects and Metafields with definitions out of the box on the frontend. This can be used for things such as:
  • Product features
  • Extensive size and fit charts
  • Landing page content
  • Upsells and cross sells
  • Improved performance and speed than legacy themes
  • Better SEO, Structured JSON-LD format for Google
  • Improved asset management for performance
  • Improved accessibility for ADA compliance
  • Access to new features of Shopify out of the box
  • Content, MetaObjects and Metafields
  • Use of the Brand and Brand API (applies to the new checkout as well)
  • Easier integration of the apps into the frontend with App Widgets
  • Shopify Markets for cross border expansion
  • Multi language
  • Shopify’s new search and filtering
  • Upcoming features such as bundling

Why Choose Satel?

Unrivaled Expertise: Our technical prowess is renowned in the eCommerce sphere. We've built apps and integrations capable of handling some of the top launches on Shopify, with impressive volumes of up to $400K USD per minute and 15-20K checkouts per minute.

Proven Success: Our proven track record includes a cutting-edge app for Universal Music Group, used in ~1,500 of their artist stores, and an innovative in-store kiosk for JD Sports via a headless solution with Next.js and Shopify Plus.

Compliance and Security: With a specialization in ADA and privacy compliance, we ensure your business stays ahead of evolving regulations, offering your customers a safe and secure shopping experience.

Join the ranks of successful enterprises that have leveraged Satel's expertise to catapult their businesses to new heights. Embark on your journey to Shopify 2.0 with us and experience the difference firsthand.

Case Study: Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love modernized their website, improved performance, and set the stage for future enhancements by upgrading to Shopify OS 2.0. They are now well-prepared to maintain their status as a top coffee authority.

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