For the Boys

Workshop is a menswear clothing line that is owned, operated and exclusively sold by the Boys'Co group. With a classic lineup of West Coast designs, textiles and colors, the Workshop brand has discovered a thriving niche for itself in Vancouver. Offering a relaxed, casual look that transcends genres, Workshop is steadily climbing the charts with men of all ages. Being locally designed and crafted on the West coast only adds to the brand's validity.

Authentic Quality

The Workshop Brand speaks with a clear voice of authenticity. The workmanship is second to none, submitting an intelligent sense of quality. For the e-commerce website, we collectively agreed to keep it real; to stay true to the brand's essence in maintaining a subtle look and feel of tangibility. This approach is appealing to the everyday man looking for superior design and smart fashion. With a soft color palette to match the relaxed features, this Shopify site is easy on the eyes, wardrobe and wallet.  



  • Branding
  • Clean Design
  • E-commerce Process & Fulfillment Consultation
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