One Small Step for Woman/Man

Walk with Ronsons is an innovative leader in the design, manufacture and retail of quality footwear. Their massive success across North America can be attributed to having a solid dedication for creating the most optimal customer shopping experience. The longest journey begins with one small step, and when you Walk with Ronsons, you walk happy. Millions of satisfied customers are a powerful testament to that fact.


One Giant Leap for Humankind

With great pleasure, Satel Creative has created a streamlined process to efficiently integrate all nineteen retail locations with the warehouse, while maintaining smooth customer transactions. Along with a beautiful e-commerce site built on the Shopify platform, we developed customized software to fully integrate their live inventory. This gives Ronsons complete POS control with the ability to easily update product information and images on the site. With roughly 20,000 products on hand, one can only imagine how gigantic a task this could be, if we didn't have Shopify.



  • Shopify Plus
  • 16,000+ Products
  • Clean Design
  • Custom Search Feature
  • Ship to Store Feature
  • Inventory Integration between warehouse and all stores
  • Integrated Ordering System
  • Custom Apps