Git documentation

GIT for windows users

This is a general documentation to get up and running with git quickly. There isn't actually a lot to know to do the basics.

The software tools

There are essentially 3 ways for running git on Windows:

  1. git for windows: This is the basic tool which has command line but also a GUI
  2. Sourcetree: A very nice GUI with no command line. This is the official tool from BitBucket and it's used by Lishan so far so she is the expert.
  3. TortoiseGit: Provides an integration with Windows Explorer which means that you see for example files that need to be committed and can right click on them to perform git actions (screenshots)

Git principles

The idea behind us using version control to work with Shopify and the POS is keep track of changes and avoid collisions. Too often somebody overwrites somebody else's code and everybody waste time this way.

With git, each developer has a local repository where all the past changes of the project are recorded. On BitBucket we store the remote repository which is used as our main server and a way to exchange code. Finally git provides branches where code can change independently before being merge again later on.

Each developer will implement new code, create or erase files in their repository