Shopify OS 2.0

Navigating the ecommerce landscape involves myriad challenges, from optimizing sales strategies to ensuring site performance doesn't deter customers. Shopify excels at dismantling technical barriers associated with these decisions, and its latest upgrade, Shopify Online Store 2.0, significantly enhances your capacity to scale ecommerce operations.

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B2B Ecommerce

With years of experience in complexities of B2B such as customer account management or parts metadata, our backend team can build solutions that delivers a simplified and intuitive experience to the customer on the frontend.

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ERPs & Integrations

Our development team at Satel Creative has extensive expertise with integrating systems such as Shopify Plus, ERPs, shipping services, databases for data warehousing purposes and video streaming to handle low to very high-volume transfers.

We have experience integrating with more than 200 different ERM and OMS systems including all the major ones such as Dynamics365, NetSuite, etc.

Privacy & Compliance

We believe that Privacy by Default principles and growing your business should never be in conflict. We work with our clients and our trusted privacy consultant to complete an initial privacy impact assessment and from there, implement the required processes and solutions to help our clients remain compliant and win the trust of their customers.

In today’s world, most companies have customer data propagated across multiple systems which can make complying with privacy requests both tedious and costly. We help our clients to develop an ever-evolving data map and from there, automate the processes of verifying and responding to each type of privacy request in a way that can be easily managed by their existing teams.


Since 2019, we have building experience and expertise with 3D & AR/VR (XR) and have built numerous experiences that are both practical and magical at the same time.

We work with Unity, Three.JS, Hololens and other technologies to innovate in a space that in short time will be the driver of digital experience connected to our physical world.

Apps & Digital Products

From custom Shopify apps for our clients to the app store we have thousands of apps running on merchant stores.

Additionally with our in-house expertise in 3D, we have experience in creating robust apps for Apple and Google app stores.

Data Warehousing & Looker

In today’s world, data is scattered between multiple systems by design, with each SaaS platform covering a part of the larger scope of data management. We have found that this can pose a challenge for our clients in being able to easily provide actionable data and analytics to their relevant teams, such as marketing and other key stakeholders.

We are able to solve this challenge by creating a modern, centralized Data Warehouse using tools such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, StitchData, and Looker, while also utilizing the APIs of platforms such as Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc.

Our team has successfully applied an ELT approach (for Extract, Load, Transform) to data warehousing where the data is extracted from platforms and loaded into the Data Cloud with minimal changes, in order for the complex data transformations to be done quickly and by anyone, when using modern data analytics platforms such as Looker.

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