Optimize Your E-commerce Website to M-commerce, ASAP!

||M-commerce is the next-level evolutionary phase of your website’s journey towards becoming a successful online business. What is M-commerce? The M stands for Mobile. Mobile-commerce is the act of conducting commercial transactions on any wireless handheld device such as a cell phone or tablet, via the internet. These transactions include online banking, bill payments, information exchange and of course, the purchasing of goods through e-commerce websites. It is still well within the e-commerce family, however with its own set of principles. Think of m-commerce as being the young-adult, yet growing child of e-commerce.

As our modern technological advances transport us toward an awe-inspiring future, it is highly advantageous for anyone wishing to achieve success through an online business, to optimise their website for efficient m-commerce use. In other words, make sure your site is fully Mobile Responsive… as soon as possible. Today!

We are currently within an unprecedented era where there’s more and more people using handheld mobile devices. With each passing year, Mobile phone and tablet sales are increasing to fantastically high numbers. We may even see a day in the not-so-distant future where PC’s and laptops are technological dinosaurs of our recent past. Add to this the amount of young people who are extremely tech savvy and well versed with the internet, and you have a worthwhile case for optimizing your online shop to mobile. If your website is not up to par, you could be losing huge amounts of business and money.

Nature teaches us that change is an inevitable constant, thus making it completely sensible for us to embrace change as part of our intrinsic evolution. Likewise, Darwin concluded that the healthy survival of any organism depends heavily on its ability to adapt to change. Hence, if you wish to survive in this competitive world of e-commerce, you must start adapting as soon as possible.

With current advancements in fraud purchase protection, people are feeling more comfortable and confident about buying from their mobile devices. If all of this is not incentive enough for you, considering the fact that Google bases their ranking standards on the overall user experience and has recently upgraded their criteria to give priority status to those websites that are mobile responsive. The stakes are higher than ever. Just to be a contender in the game, you must have a mobile responsive site. The term mobile responsive means that the website automatically adjusts to properly display and function on any mobile device.

With regard to content, the most important elements of an m-commerce site include promptly displaying your business description, directions to your location (if applicable), your hours of operation, your phone number/ contact info, clear product descriptions and of course the ease of which your clients can make purchases. These key features must be clearly stated, readily available and easy to find.

Remember that the easier your guests can find information and make a purchase on your m-commerce website, the better experience they’ll have, the more they’ll return, the higher ranking you’ll receive from Google, the more guests will find your site; and so on and so forth until you’re a successful entrepreneur of a prosperous m-commerce business.

If you have any questions on how to make this dream a reality, feel free to contact us at Satel Creative. We’re here for your success.

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