Are Quality Photos Important in E-commerce?

||Are Quality Photos Important in E-commerce?

Yes, high-resolution, quality photos are one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website because they instantly convey your message while inviting for your viewers to become purchasing clients.

One of the benefits of being an e-commerce website design firm is that we get to experience firsthand exactly what does and does not work in our industry. For example there are many things that will enable a site to clearly standout from the pack, however none quite as important as having proper lifestyle and product photography. This can truly make or break your website and ultimately affect your bottom line. When consulting with new clients, we always emphasize the importance of investing a large portion of their budget and time on creating or sourcing high resolution, quality images. Unfortunately, this seems to be the one area where many online business owners drop the ball.

Over millions of years, the human eye has evolved to become one of the greatest wonders of nature. Unparalleled in its immense scope of perception, speed of focus, absorption of light, colour and movement, the human eye is truly worthy of wonder. As such, our brains have become highly adept at processing millions of bits of information almost instantly. We are visual creatures capable of understanding images much faster than written text. We absorb, analyse and process images without consciously being aware of what we’re doing.  Armed with this knowledge, one can appreciate the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

For your website, you’ll ideally want to use large, high resolution images that express the essence of your product or business. Upload photos that tell a story and create an emotional connection with your viewer or client. On your home page especially, use snapshots that capture a lifestyle or a moment in time that explains your product while simultaneously enticing your client to make a purchase.

If you’re unable to have professional photos taken, stock photography sites such as or are excellent for sourcing images you need. Your product page should have large, professional images that instill a notion of trust and validity in your product. White backgrounds are an essential way to accentuate and highlight the nuances of each individual item.

Make a mental effort to notice the images on any websites you visit; see which ones appeal to you and try to understand why. Keep in mind that intelligent, relevant, educational content is important to your site; but remember that the photos are the most important.

Here’s to you success!


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