Seven Reasons Why We Love Shopify!

||Shopify is the hottest e-commerce platform in the Universe right now. (That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it.) If you’re a retail business owner and haven’t heard of Shopify yet, then we’re happy to introduce you. Although it’s relatively new on the market, Shopify is making fresh waves across the e-commerce world. Here are seven of our top reasons why we absolutely love Shopify:

1. Keeping IT Simple:
Shopify hosts customizable, e-commerce platforms that are easy to navigate and easy to upload products/content to. This also comes with built in SEO features and fully integrated payment systems with one-page easy checkouts.

2. Rocking POS:
Shopify’s recently added Point of Sales System (POS) is leaps and bounds ahead of its much older and more costly competitors, and promises to improve with time.

3. Customer Service:
The people behind Shopify, from the techies all the way up through management; truly take the time to listen to suggestions and comments, quickly addressing any challenges that may arise.

4. Forward Thinking:
Shopify continues to add new features, new apps to their App store, new website templates and new themes to their existing lineup of remarkable selections.

5. Growth Potential:
Shopify recently received $100 Million Dollars (yes, that’s millions) in funding to continue with their progressive growth and development. We’re anticipating remarkable advances in the near future.

6. Business Support:
Shopify regularly sends updates and blogs on a variety of extremely helpful e-commerce topics and solutions for e-commerce business owners. They push and cheer for you to succeed.

7. Plays Nicely With Others:
Shopify keeps it friendly by offering complete integration with a multitude of 3rd party platforms, analytics, Apps and POS systems.

As the new kid on the block, Shopify is certainly taking all the right steps and making all the right moves towards becoming an even more incredible e-commerce platform than they already are. Now if we can only get them to do our laundry… (Just kidding). Cheers to your success!


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