Customer Service Wins Top E-commerce Priority

Man contemplating the horizon of customer service
||If customer service is not the top priority on your e-commerce website, you need to read this article and change your procedures accordingly.

The number one reason a shopper converts into a lifetime fan or buyer is the way they are treated throughout their entire purchasing process on your website. With a brick and mortar store, we already know your customer service is highly dependent upon yourself and your staff. Yet how do you make customer service a priority on your e-commerce website?

  • Make it easy for your clients to BUY: This has to be the most significant part of your site. If your visitors have to search excessively for product, you will lose them. If they have a difficult time finding the BUY NOW buttons, you will lose them. If there are too many clicks before getting to the final checkout and cart, you will lose them. If they have to jump through hoops and do backflips to buy from you, you will lose them. Keep it simple for everyone to purchase your wares.

  • If possible, include Free Shipping: For many people, the shipping fees are the make-it or break-it factor when deciding to finalize a sale. If it is possible for your business to offer free shipping, then do it. Another option is to offer free shipping when a certain amount is reached; for example, give free shipping on any purchases over $150.

  • 1-800 Number or Live Chat option: Depending on your type of business, being readily accessible to your clients is an important indicator (to them) that you’re willing to listen and help them receive a pleasant shopping experience. Quite often, taking care of a client’s pressing matter will result in future sales and loyalty. It’s also a great way to discover what your consumer truly wants.

  • Hassle Free Refund & Return Policy: Your ultimate goal ought to be the complete satisfaction of your patrons. If for some reason they’re unhappy with their purchase, at the very least, they should have a stress free, hassle free refund or return experience. Make it as easy as you can. Think of how you’d like to be treated if you were in the same situation. Treat your customers the way you’d wish to be treated.

  • Keep plenty of products on hand: There’s nothing worse than completing a transaction at the checkout (with hopes heightened) only to discover the item is out of stock, sold out or has to be backordered. Always make sure (as much as possible) you’re well stocked with inventory, especially if you have a sale or promotional special going on. You could lose the transaction to another e-commerce store if you’re not fully on the ball.

  • Large product images and photos: This may be an easy one to miss. Your product images must look professional, symmetrical, well-detailed, uniform, large and bright with high resolution. We’re a highly visual species that greatly relies upon our sense of sight; use it to your advantage and watch your sales go up.

  • FAQ’s: FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions are just that, questions your clients will frequently want to know the answers to; keeps it easy for anyone seeking knowledge about your product or procedures. An FAQ section on your site is worth its weight in gold. As your business grows, you may encounter new and interesting questions you’ll want to continually update to your list.

  • Pay attention, listen and interact on Social Media: Many customers will find your e-commerce store through social media. This is where great opportunities lay for you to truly listen to what they’re saying and what they want. This is also an excellent avenue for you to interact and communicate with your clients, showing off your exemplary customer service performance. As social media is an extension of your customer service, never ever leave any comments or complaints unaddressed.

  • Regular newsletter or email blast: Create an email data base of your loyal customers and either send a newsletter or email a few times a month. This is a beneficial way to stay in touch and keep your fans abreast of any new products, sales or promotions.

We hope these tips will come in handy when finishing the final touches of your website. Remember that customer service will always beat out price in the long run, so make sure to make it your top priority. Valuable customers will become loyal lifetime fans if you can consistently provide them with a “Wow” experience. Here’s to your continued success.


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