Secrets of E-commerce Website Design Excellence

||When working with a creative design house to build your new website, have a close look at the level of work they’ve done in the past. Search for any tell-tale signs to see if they’ve hit or missed the mark. Below is a list of features that highlight a site’s design excellence. Find the ones most important to you and insist they be present on your new site.

Content, Content, Content:
For a brick and mortar retail business, location, location, location is crucial for success. However, for an e-commerce website, content should remain at the top of your priority list.

Social Media Connection:
Connecting visitors directly to your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a sure-fire way of staying relevant with the most current technical developments.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words:
Lifestyle and product photos are extremely important for your overall image. Choose high quality pictures that portray your items in the best possible fashion (pun intended).

Videos are Worth Thousands of Words:
Demonstration, promotion and video blogs are the future wave of fast yet affordable ways to advertise your business. Humour and passion in a short v-blog can be worth its weight in gold.

Speedy Load-Ups:
Faster is better when it comes to the loading of your pages, photos and videos. Many people will navigate away from your site if they have to wait too long for your items to load up.

Mobile Integration:
Having a mobile friendly site is essential for your business. As our technologically driven society develops more and more efficient mobile devices, it’s very important you remain accessible.

Less is More with Design:
Keep it simple, sweet and easy to navigate your website. There are many appealing colors that help your site remain easy on the eyes, and help you sell as well.

Purchase Security:
Trust is key. Help your clients feel as comfortable as possible when buying from you. Your patrons must be assured that payment safety and security is an important precaution for you.

Design excellence begins with you deciding what’s most important for your business and website, and ends with your design team implementing your goals. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us at Satel Creative; we’re here for your success.


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